School of Chemistry undergraduate degree scholarships

Students smiling sitting at a deskThe School of Chemistry is proud to offer a number of scholarships and prizes that acknowledge academic excellence, reward scholarly achievement and help foster potential.

The scholarships below refer to new students commencing their studies in 2022.

Scholarships for UK students

The School of Chemistry is happy to be able to recognise and reward our top incoming UK students to celebrate your academic achievements before arriving as a student at the University of Birmingham. In addition to initial scholarships, you may also be eligible to apply to other prizes and bursaries during your time at university to celebrate your continued academic success.

The Haworth Scholarship consists of a £2000 bank transfer during year 1 semester 1 for the top 10 students who meet the conditions below. Applicants will be ranked on:

  • Chemistry A Level
  • Other top 2 A Level grades
  • Additional A Levels and AS Levels
  • Other UCAS tariff

No application is required, all those who meet the conditions above will be contacted by the end of welcome week 2022.

To be eligible for this award you must: 

* Conversion from other qualification systems is calculated internally by the university, to enquire about your qualifications, please contact 

University Scholarships

Please see the University's funding database for details of other centrally-administered scholarships.