Why Chemistry?

Chemistry is an exciting and dynamic subject that is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of society. As the central science, Chemistry impacts on all other areas of science, medicine and engineering.

  •  As chemists, we are working with biologists to better understand the fundamental interactions between the molecules that drive the processes of life
  • In collaboration with physicists and engineers we are making new materials which are changing how we live and work.
  • Working with environmental scientists, we are beginning to better understand and address key global challenges such as pollution and climate change

Chemistry influences our everyday lives: for example, polymers designed by chemists become the packaging for our food or the clothes that we wear, and of course no new medicine would be developed without the expertise of a chemist.

However not only are we uniquely qualified to design and make the molecules and materials that enable and enrich our everyday lives, we are also developing new technologies, which allow us to achieve these goals more efficiently and in a more environmentally sustainable manner 

Choose Chemistry at University of Birmingham and you will graduate, confident in the knowledge that you are equipped with a skills set to set out on an exciting and fulfilling career that will benefit both society and the environment.

Why Chemistry