Computing at the University of Birmingham

School of Computer Science

The School of Computer Science provides specialist teaching and conduct world-leading research in fundamental and applied computer science, artificial intelligence, optimisation, computer security, medical imaging and robotics. Computing is an enabling technology, and workers in all areas of industry, commerce and the public sector benefit from a deeper understanding of the subject. For this reason the School offers a particularly broad range of degrees that combine computing with another subject such as Business studies, Arts, Psychology, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Mathematics.

Department of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering

As a discipline, Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering includes such diverse topics as the generation and distribution of electrical power, global communications systems, complex hardware and software systems, networks, and applied computing, which encompasses speech, image, vision and signal processing, human interface technologies, bioinformatics, to novel applications of video game engines and mobile devices. This is, therefore, an exceptionally broad subject. It sits between Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Psychology, Education, Biological and Medical Sciences, with interfaces to many other areas of engineering such as transportation systems, renewable energy systems and the built environment.

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