Successful Applicants: Non-academic offer requirements

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Non-academic offer requirements

Health screening

All accepted candidates will be required to complete health declaration and immunisation forms, and some will be contacted by an Occupational Health Physician where appropriate.

The UK Government Health Authorities advise that all medical students are screened to identify possible carriers of the hepatitis B virus. All applicants who accept an offer are advised to:

  • undertake a screening blood test for Hepatitis B
  • if negative, start a course of immunisation
  • thereafter provide certified evidence of these

The UK Government Health Authorities recommend that all dental students are offered screening for a number of blood-borne viruses (Hepatitis C and Human Immunodeficiency Virus as well as Hepatitis B). You should be advised that any health care worker who is infected with any of these viruses (or who cannot prove that they are not infected) is not able to undertake exposure prone procedures when qualified (which are defined as ‘those invasive procedures where there is a risk that injury to the worker may result in the exposure of the patient’s open tissues to the blood of the worker.’).

The BDS Course at Birmingham is an Exposure-Prone Procedure course, so students must prove they are non-infectious for HIV, Hepatitis C and hepatitis B.

For further information about these requirements, please see: Medical and Dental Students: Health clearance for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and Tuberculosis.

The College of Medical and Dental Sciences will reimburse students with financial hardship for up to £200 of the cost of their vaccinations. If you meet the eligibility criteria for a Chamberlain Award from the University of Birmingham, you are advised to obtain receipts for any health checks that you have had to pay for. Once you commence the BDS course at the University of Birmingham, you may then apply for reimbursement from the College, up to the cost of £200.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check and the Excluded Students Database (ESD)

Please be aware that the DBS process, for applicants who firmly accept an offer of a place, has been postponed in light of the current situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please do not send any documentation through the post or visit the campus to present your documentation, as our staff will not be available to receive these. Please be reassured that we will do everything we can to minimise any disruption in your ability to meet this condition, and we will be in contact with further information in due course.  For information about the current situation please visit our FAQ page on COVID-19 which we will keep updated as the situation develops.

Students will be required to complete a successful Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before admission to the course.