International clearing for Biomedical Materials Science

Join our BMedSc Biomedical Materials Science programme at the College of Medical and Dental Sciences in 2016. Selected places are now available for international students. To make an application, please complete our online enquiry form. 

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This multidisciplinary programme is one of few in the UK to cover both materials and biological sciences equally, helping you to develop a broad knowledge base in these areas which are crucial for the wellbeing of patients in the future.

In Biomedical Materials Science you will learn how novel materials for biomedical application, such as hip replacements and tissue engineering scaffolds, are developed with a major focus on tissue engineering, orthopaedic and dental biomaterials. 

Based in the new Birmingham Dental Hospital and School of Dentistry, you will be taught across several departments including dentistry, medicine and metallurgy and materials.

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Why Birmingham?

Join our community of over 5000 international students from 150 countries worldwide. 

You will enjoy the close-knit community atmosphere created by our small year group who, as a result, quickly settle into University life, easily make friends with fellow students and build strong working relationships with teaching and support staff. 

Up to 10 of our highest performing graduate students will be offered a guaranteed interview for our dentistry course at the University of Birmingham

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