Research highlights

The quality of our research is recognised in many different ways which ranges from prestigous prizes to membership of organisations. Here is a small snapshot of the achievements of our staff.

Research awards

Professor Tony Smith - IADR Distinguished Scientist Award,
Dr Garry Fleming (now at Dublin Dental School) – IADR Young Investigator Award
Professor Ian Chapple – IADR Rizzo Award


BSDR Senior Colgate Prize – supervised by Cooper/Smith
3 BSDR Junior Colgate Prizes – supervised by Fleming
Gold Medal of Int Research Project in Magnetic Dentistry – Walmsley
IAP/BSP Research Prize – Roberts, Brock
ESE Research Prize – Tomson 

Funding sources

£3.3 million income since 2001

Research councils (14 new grants)
Industry (73 new grants)
EU (2 new grants)
Charities (27 new grants) 
Major investment in our laboratory facilities (£1million) 
Research training strategies at the postgraduate and junior staff levels 
Development of a network of basic-clinical scientist partnerships amongst our staff.

Honorary professors

As part of our longer term approach to enhance activity and broaden international collaborations, we have appointed the following leading international researchers

Jacques Nor, Michigan
Jack Ferracane, Oregon
Helen Griffiths, Aston 

International leadership

Contributions to influential international and national bodies 

Boards of Directors and Councils of IADR and AADR (Smith)
Scientific Advisor to the BDA (Walmsley)
Management Committee of BSDR (Chapple, Walmsley)
Presidents of IADR Pulp Biology (Smith) and Periodontal (Chapple) Research Groups
President of British Endodontic Society (Lumley)
IADR/AADR Gies Award Comm Chair (Walmsley).

Active leadership positions within BSDR Research Groups

(Chapple, Cooper, Roberts, White, Sloan, Fleming)
Specialist societies/organisations
Chapple – Eur Fed Perio, Oral & Dental Research Trust, Br Soc Perio
Shelton & Harris – Founder members UK Soc Biomat
Shelton and Smith – BSI Committee members
Millward & Roberts – Br Soc Perio
Rock – Br Ortho Soc
Attrill – Br Soc Study Prosth Dent
Hamburger – Pres Br Soc Oral Med 2001/2

Influencing research policy and activity 

BSDR Report – A Stretegic Review of UK Oral and Dental Research (Chapple)
Dept of Health Working Party on Dental Research Strategy (Burke, Smith, Chapple)
EPSRC College (Walmsley)
Wellcome Trust Expert Review Group for Technology Transfer (Smith)
P & G European Oral Health Advisory Council (Walmsley)
Unilever and Philips Global Research Advisory Boards (Chapple)

Leadership in scientific publishing - Editorships

The premier dental research journal (Journal of Dental Research – Smith)
[1st editor outside N.America since inception in 1919]
The leading mutli-disciplinary dental journal (Journal of Dentistry – Walmsley),
The leading Periodontology journal (1 of 3 editors of Periodontology 2000 – Chapple)

Dissemination of research to practitioners, the end-users of research

Dental Update – Burke
Periodontal Practice Today – Chapple
British Dental Journal 2001-04 - Chapple
British Dental Journal 2007 to date - Walmsley 

Membership of editorial boards 

Int Endo J, Endo Prac Today, Dentistry CPD – Lumley
Arch Oral Biol – Smith
J Clin Perio – Chapple
J Perio Res – Chapple & Matthews
Br Dent J, Eur J Dent Ed and Braz Dent J – Walmsley
Head & Face Medicine – Landini
J Hard Tiss Biol – Landini
Braz J Dent and Dent Clin Marmara Univ – Shortall 

Keynote and lead addresses

As research leaders in the field, our more senior researchers have a strong profile of invitations for keynote and lead addresses at scientific conferences internationally and nationally.

Some examples of these international keynote/more prestigious invitations include: Well over 60 as well as lectures to various national meetings, including BSDR symposia, and invited lectures to other universities nationally and internationally Importantly, these reflect invited contributions to conferences targeted at cutting-edge scientific research as well as to its translation to end-users. As well as these invited lectures, there has been a strong profile of oral and poster presentations at IADR, BSDR, IADR-PEF and AADR from researchers representing all of our research theme areas as well as at many more specialist research area national and international conferences.