Where's My Igloo Gone?: strategies and stories of climate change

Arts Building, Shackleton Room (439)
Monday 12 March 2018 (17:15-18:30)

Where’s My Igloo Gone? is a participatory theatre performance for children and families, which explores themes of climate change, home, community and agency. Artistically, we challenge some eco-centric work, which often offers only ‘doom and gloom scenarios’, and instead explore dynamic and empathetic engagement. This presentation critically reflects upon some of the performative choices, challenges and outcomes of, as Moore suggests, ‘alternative’ and empowering story making. As artist Anthony Gormley puts it, the performance tries to create an ‘open space, a place of transformation and the exchange of ideas’ as a (politico)aesthetics of hope and change. I share, too, some of our mechanisms for gathering feedback and assess some of the impacts of the work.

Where’s My Igloo Gone? is touring nationally until the end of April 2018.