A World on the Table: Still Life Paintings and their Global Stories

Monday 30 November 2020 (17:00-18:15)

For further information please contact: a.harris.2@bham.ac.uk or artsofplace@gmail.com

Monday 30th November, 5pm
with illustrated presentations from Lucy Powell and Lauren Working

Sir Nathaniel Bacon - Cookmaid with Still Life of Vegetables and Fruit c.1620–5

Sumptuous arrangements of fruit, flowers, and vegetables on a seventeenth-century domestic table offer a static glimpse of a domestic space. But these items of still-life, gathered from around the world, tell stories of travel, colonialism, displacement, power, and desire.

Lucy Powell (BBC New Generation Thinker, Leverhulme Post-Doctoral Fellow) and Lauren Working (University of Oxford) delve deep into the paintings of Jacob Bogdani and Nathaniel Bacon, taking us on an imaginative transcultural journey that will bring questions of locality, placelessness, and globalism to bear on scenes of feasting and beauty. 

All welcome. 

(image: Nathanial Bacon, Cookmaid with Still Life of Vegetables and Fruit (c.1620-25) Tate/Creative Commons)

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