Past events in English Literature


30th November - What does feminist bibliography do?

18th November - Live and local: telling the stories of a commonwealth city

10th November - Visiting Speaker: E. James West (York): 'A Monument to Negro Enterprise': The Black Press and Chicago's Literary Landscapes in the 1920s.

8th November - Approaches to creativity, diversity, and sustainability in education: perspectives from the Shakespeare, Race and Pedagogy project - CANCELLED

27th October - Book Launch: Jimmy Packham's Gothic Utterance and Hannah Murray's Liminal Whiteness in Early US Fiction

9th-10th July - Do ancient Egyptians dream of electric sheep? The reception of ancient Egypt in science fiction

9th-11th June - The Shakespeare Beyond Borders Alliance Launch Event

21st May - AWW-STRUCK: Creative and Critical Approaches to Cuteness

19th May - From Fairy Queens in "Gauze and Spangles" to "Shakespeare in Black Velvet": Examining Changing Attitudes to Theatre Costume in the Long 19th Century c. 1789-1914

13th-14th May - GCfE 15th Annual Conference 13-14 May 2021

5th May - Moving Pictures: Serial Revolutions in 1848

29th April - Techniques of Indifference: Celibate Machines and the Modernist Gimmick

24th April - Your Shakespeare questions answered, live from Stratford!

21st April - 19CC Works in Progress Workshop

31st March - Dr Hannah Field, 'Indestructible, Destructible, and Destroyed: Nineteenth-Century Novelty Picture Books and the Embodied Child Reader'

24th March - Channels of Communication: The Wordsworths, the Wye and the Letters of 1812

3rd March - Literary Interviews Workshop

3rd March - Listening to Silence in Romantic Poetry

3rd March - The Profits of Slavery and the Wealth of Universities: A Transatlantic Conversation

24th February - 19CC ECR Panel

15th-20th February - Shakespeare, Race and Pedagogy

3rd February - Queer New York: Online Roundtable Discussion

27th January - Work in Progress Workshop

13th January - let me tell you: Twenty-First Century Musical Modernism


17th December - Testament – 'Black Men Walking'

12th December - Planning and Leading a Seminar

11th December - 19CC Book Launch!

3rd December - Writing and righting: a discussion about the importance of writing, literature and human rights

30th November - A World on the Table: Still Life Paintings and their Global Stories

25th November - The Modernist Garden: Reading Djuna Barnes's Mushrooms

9th-13th November - Symbiosis: Art and Science in Natural History Museums and Collections

26th October - Arts of Place Network: Difficult Paradises

22nd October - Systems: our first Digital Cultures Reading Group for the academic year 2020-21

17th October - Undergraduate Open Day

15th October - Swift in Print

14th October - Academic Buzzwords

12th September - Undergraduate Open Day

20th July - Postponed: British Association for Victorian Studies (BAVS) 2020 Conference

8th July - Postgraduate Offer Holder Day - College of Arts and Law

25th June - Undergraduate Open Day

24th June - Undergraduate Open Day

24th June - Page Breaks: Cunk on Shakespeare

11th June-20th July - Page Breaks: Is Wrestling Art?

4th June - Page Breaks: The Language of Kindness, with Professor David James

29th May - Digital Cultures Reading Group: The Chaotic Side of Zoom

17th March - Postgraduate study in Shakespeare: online chat

16th March - Paddy Bullard (Reading), on textual editing and the writing of rural crafts

11th March - Postgraduate Open Day

11th March - Epistolary Romanticism

25th February - Postgraduate study in Shakespeare: online chat

20th February - Towards a Four Nations Art History? The GF Watts Memorial Exhibition, 1905 – 06

14th February - Views on Ruskin Roundtable

5th February - Digital Cultures and Speculative Environments: Science Fiction Roundtable // Talk by Esko Suoranta

5th February - Digital Cultures and Speculative Environments - Talk and Roundtable Discussion

31st January - Alcoholic Epigrams, Modern Marketing, and the Value of Moderation

28th January - Postgraduate study in Shakespeare: online chat

22nd January - Reciprocal Dialogues: Researching Digital Culture and Science Fiction


11th December - A Victorian Christmas at the V&A

11th December - Infrastructure and Literature

11th December - Live for Me: Vicarious Experience and Aesthetic Education in 'The Ambassadors' and 'Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship'

10th December - Imagined Futures: Writing, Science, and Modernity in the To-Day and To-Morrow Book Series, 1923-31

4th December - Views on Ruskin

21st November - An Evening with Ruskin

20th November - Building a Global Bookshelf: Asian Classical Literature for the General Readership, 1845-1915

18th November - 19CC Works in Progress

14th November - George Orwell and 'The Ministry of Truth': Dorian Lynskey in Conversation

13th November - Manufactured Landscapes Screening and Roundtable

8th November - Rethinking the Racial Politics of Decadence

6th-7th November - Researching Digital Cultures: Past, Present, Future

30th October - Work-in-Progress seminar

30th October - Future Mutation

29th October - Seeking Asylum in the Nineteenth Century: Jane Eyre and the Guayran Emigrants

28th October - 'Art for the People' - Dr Emma West at the BMI

28th October - Bandung Generation: Decolonization, Cold War, and Global Literature

9th October - Arts and Digital Cultures: Sophie Huckfield

7th October - The Vice-Chancellor's Distinguished Lecture Series – Professor Sarah Churchwell

27th September - BHM2019 - Pride Not Prejudice: The College of Arts and Law Inclusivity Book Project

16th September - 'Cubists and Tubists': The Golden Age of Poster Design

19th July - TMI: Sharing and Surveillance

1st-2nd July - Modernism in the Home

5th June - Digital cultures writing workshop

1st June - Nineteenth-Century Emigration in British Literature and Art

30th-31st May - Affective Criticism | Affective Forms

29th May - Wordsworth's "Accidental" Landscape

22nd May - Book launch

22nd May - Cinematic Modernism: METROPOLIS and the Frankfurt School

20th May - Wounded Sentimentalism: The Literature of Uplift

9th May - Tutankhamun: Facts, Fictions and the Mummy's Curse with Dr Eleanor Dobson

8th May - Enduring Bees: Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Apian Allusion, 1844 to 1856

8th May - By the Rivers of Modernism

16th April - Fashioning the Victorians: The Crinoline with Dr Rebecca Mitchell

27th March - Famine Fever: Dickens, Cholera, and the Physiology of Salvation

22nd March - Listening to modernism

16th March - British Milton Seminar Spring Meeting 2019

8th March - Slaying Dragons and Talking to Stomachs: Science and Selfhood in the Nineteenth Century

6th March - Applying for Fellowships at the Folger Shakespeare Library

6th March - Paper/Work: Reading Official Documents

27th February - Declining British Fiction?

27th February - Bringing the perfume out of everything: Vernon Lee and Scent

13th February - 19C Centre seminar series presents Dr Serena Trowbridge

6th February - Technologies of print

5th February - Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in Conversation

30th January - Slow Violence: Reading Rob Nixon

30th January - Professor Lytle Shaw (NYU): Third Personism: The FBI's Poetics of Immediacy in the 1960s

30th January - CCLC Public Lecture: Sara Ahmed - Complaint as Diversity Work

23rd January - Samuel Johnson and the Origins of Writing

16th January - Romantic Listening

10th-11th January - Multilingual Practices in Early Modern Literary Culture


12th December - Samuel Johnson and the Origins of Writing

5th December - Contemporary Studies Network reading group: Women's Pain

5th December - Neo-Gothic architecture and the Victorian museum

4th December - Film Screening: Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World

29th November - Shakespeare Institute open afternoon for prospective students

28th November - CCLC book launch

27th November - Poetry evening

21st November - Pressures & Discrimination: Reading Emilie Pine & Eula Biss

21st November - Digital Cultures Work-in-Progress

21st November - Hijacking Human Rights: Neoliberalism, the New Historiography, and the End of the Third World

19th November - Reading, Writing, and Racism: Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man and African American Literacy in Cold War America

15th November - Play/Pause: Games & Glitch

14th November - Don't Lose It! Note-Taking and Referencing Software

14th November - The Weird and the Eerie

14th November - Late Victorian Little Magazines and the Invention of the Avant-Garde

14th November - Placeless People: Writings, Rights, and Refugees

14th November - Queer and Now reading group

13th November - Film Screening: Ex Machina

7th November - Imperative Conditionals; Black Speculative thought and the co-designed futurity

31st October - English Lit PG Reading Group - 'Globalgothic'

31st October - Digital Cultures Reading Group

31st October - 19CC book launch

25th October - Film Screening: We Live in Public

17th October - Poetry reading: Terrance Hayes

12th October - Videogames reading group and workshop, with Dr Rob Gallagher (KCL)

12th October - Dr Rob Gallagher (KCL) - Volatile Memories: Videogames and the Future of Forgetting

10th-12th September - International Arthurian Society British Branch Meeting

30th June-16th November - Drawing out the Dinosaurs

29th June - Voicing the Non-Human

18th-19th June - Mind Reading: Mental Health and the Written Word

13th June - A Workshop on Guns

23rd May - Nature, Print and Production:A Workshop on Eighteenth-Century Sources in the Cadbury Research Library

9th May - Assuming a Modern Air: Literary Atmosphere in the work of Charlotte Bronte and Dorothy Richardson

9th May - CeSMA Annual Lecture

13th April - Writivism at five and the Future of African Literature

9th-10th April - Transitions: Bridging the Victorian-Modernist Divide.

19th March - 'Spring People': an evening of poetry

14th March - Pilgrims and Phantoms: Place, Time and the St Thomas Way

12th March - Where's My Igloo Gone?: strategies and stories of climate change

6th March - From Selma to Moscow: How Human Rights Activists Transformed U.S. Foreign Policy.

28th February - Postgraduate Showcase

15th February - Victorian Dinosaurs: Facts and Fictions of the Nineteenth-Century Mesozoic

13th February - Medical Humanities and Medieval Literature? Voices, Breath, Feeling

31st January - Learning to Write English: Problems and Evidence

24th January - Trump: One Year On

24th January - BAME (and other) voices in literary journalism

24th January - Annual Medieval and Early Modern lecture

18th January - Shakespeare Institute open afternoon for prospective students


6th December - "Almost a Citizen": Robert Montgomery Bird's Racial Transformations and the Borders of Belonging

27th November - Burdens of Representation? Contemporary theatre by minority artists in Britain

27th November - Old Christmas Returned

23rd November - Shakespeare Institute open afternoon for prospective students

23rd November - B-Film Book Launch, Guest Lecture and Film Screening

15th November - Queer & Now: A Reading Group

6th November - Reading Communities: Connecting the Past and the Present

1st November - John Baskerville Book Launch

20th October - Gentlemen Revolutionaries: Power and Justice in the New American Republic

18th October - People and Pages: a showcase of local and regional poets

11th October - Work-in-progress (staff only)

2nd October - Nikesh Shukla In Conversation

30th June - Intimacy and New Media: A Symposium

15th June - Canadian Modernism at the present time

19th May - Graphic reading: a symposium

17th May - New media affects

16th-18th May - RSC workshop opportunities

13th May - Postgraduate study in Shakespeare: an open afternoon at The Other Place

12th May - Out and out from the family to the community: the Housmans and the politics­­ of queer sibling devotion

10th May - M3C Eighteenth-Century Research Workshop

8th May - Genders and the textual object

3rd May - 'it was love for you that set me afire': celebrating the poetry of Frank O'Hara

3rd-5th April - Crossing borders in the insular Middle Ages, c. 900-1500

13th March - The friction of representation in contemporary visual culture

8th March - Centre for Literary Editing and the Materiality of the Text symposium

28th February - The practice of Jane Austen

27th February - Modern American poetry on the Arts Team Show (Burn FM)

20th February - A Queer method? Samuel Delany's empiricism and the uses of the literary

1st February - Love's revival: film practice and the act of dying

31st January - "A Regiment of Skeletons and an Army of Bottles": Reading the anatomy museum in Nineteenth-Century scientific and popular culture

17th January - Unknowing lyric

16th January - Challenging the automaton: clog-dancing for the digital age


9th December - Dr Mary L. Shannon and Dr Matthew Sangster
11th November - Professor Jim Davis and Dr Caroline Radcliffe
26th October - Drawing on the Victorians
13th October - Facts & Fictions
9th October - Rita Dove, former U.S. Poet Laureate at the Birmingham Literature Festival
7th October - Rita Dove, former U.S. Poet Laureate
7th October - Negotiations with the Epic: poetry and the origins of Evolutionary Theory
8th June - Sir Terry Pratchett tribute seminar
14th May - Shakespeare Institute open afternoon for prospective students
29th April - What the editor learns (and why it might matter)
12th March - Shakespeare Institute open afternoon for prospective students
12th March - Creative Minds at Birmingham: Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy
5th February - Creative Minds at Birmingham: Award-winning poet and novelist Helen Dunmore
4th February - CLEMT Symposium


27th November - Shakespeare Institute open afternoon for prospective students
12th November - Not your average superheroes
20th June - Literature and Conflict: English Graduate Conference 2014
31st May - Digital publishing: pixels vs. paper. The Kills
25th May - 'Who wants to live forever?' Mortals, immortals and the undead
1st April - First World War poetry event
20th March - Shakespeare Institute open afternoon for prospective students
19th February - Introduction to postgraduate study in the School of English, Drama and American and Canadian Studies
27th January - Freetown! Shakespeare and Social Flourishing
16th January - Shakespeare Institute open afternoon for prospective students


9th December - Birmingham Eighteenth-Century Centre: three new books in English Literature
28th October - Research in literature
21st October - Printing Swift's hoaxes and parodies
14th October - "All the Formative Forces": Guy Butler and the emergence of a South African poetics
7th October - Poetic gems: metaphors of genius in Victorian poetry
22nd June - Undergraduate open day
21st June - Undergraduate open day
20th June - Undergraduate open day
29th January - Birmingham Visiting Writers' Programme Lecture 2013