Poetic Hauntings

  • a cross-historical English poetry symposium
  • Wednesday 28 April 2010

Presentations included:

  • Steve Ellis, ‘Auden's sonnet ‘To E. M. Forster’: the Inner Life and Outer Circumstance’
  • Mary Ward, ‘Lullay my fader lullay my brother myn owyn dyre sone lullay’: The Virgin Mary’s Lullaby.
  • Hugh Adlington, 'A Minute to Midnight: Marlowe, Faustus, and the Bible'.
  • Anthea Ingham, ‘“Ah the singing, ah the delight, the passion ”: Swinburne and the Sapphic Ghost(s)’
  • Katy Birch, ‘The Song of the Willi’ by Mathilde Blind and Charles Darwin’s The Descent of Man.
  • David Griffith, ‘The Graveyard Slot: Meditations on the Tomb of Ralph, Lord Cromwell (c.1450)'
  • Luke Kennard -  Poetry Reading  (with wine)

Organised by  Marion Thain, Sarah Parker and Natalie Jones (Poetry Research Group)