Women's International Day

Women's International Day

Rhiannon Broome, BA Drama and English, was recently invited to march with Sylvia Pankhurst's granddaughter for Women's International Day in London. This is her story of the day:

"My chosen topic for my dissertation in English Literature is centred on the literature of suffrage writers, these include Cicely Hamilton and Sylvia Pankhurst. To actively research the topic I chose to get in contact with Helen Pankkurst, Sylvia's granddaughter, and campaigner for women's rights in the UK and abroad.

Helen kindly invited me to The Scoop in London, on March 8, to join her and her group of modern day suffragettes to march through London to signify the importance on Women's International Day, and the importance of recognising the inequalities in gender both in the UK and abroad. The march itself had an incredible amount of media attention, and a lot of attention was paid to our group of suffragettes, as we were dressed in 1920s costume. The event was more than just the march; celebrities concerned with women's rights were there and spoke about their experiences and why events like Women's International Day are so important.

Following the event I have kept in contact with Helen Pankhurst, and am hoping to be a part of the modern day suffragette group at future events. Having met Helen, experience the event and gain personal information about Sylvia Pankhurst I have written my dissertation and am very happy with the finished product."

[Image above- Rhiannon holding the 'Votes for Women' banner]