The Making of Modernity

Scholars within late-Victorian Studies and Modernist Studies are often approaching the same issues, and sometimes even the same authors or texts from their respective grounding in research cultures and methodologies that are institutionally separated by those persistent organisational structures that divide across the boundary of 1900.

This series of symposia give a forum for discussion dedicated to undoing that separation and enabling a focus for communication across not only the 1900 divide (which many individual scholars already breach in their work) but between communities of Victorian and modernist scholars who are still largely working in separate research seminars.

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Previous events

The School of English, Drama and American & Canadian Studies hosts a unique MRes Literature and Modernity, which is at the heart of our large and vibrant postgraduate community in this area. As well as publishing major studies (see individual staff pages), faculty are involved in convening and/or contributing to a range of projects, for example: the new Oxford edition of The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde, the Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition, the ‘Late-Victorian and Early Modernist Women Writers’ book series, the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, and journals such as Modernist Cultures and the Journal of Victorian Culture. Members of the department are active in both the British Association of Victorian Studies, and the British Association of Modernist Studies.

The School hosted the British Association for Victorian Studies in 2011, the Virginia Woolf Society conference in 2006 and the Modernist Studies Association in 2003.

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