Rebekah Andrew

Rebekah Andrew

Department of English Literature
Doctoral researcher

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Phd title: Theology and References to the Bible in the Novels of Samuel Richardson and Henry Fielding Published in the 1740s
SupervisorsDr Sebastain Mitchell, Dr Kate Rumbold and Dr Louise Curran
PhD English Literature


  • BTh (Oxon)
  • MA (Open)


I studied Theology at the University of Oxford for my undergraduate degree, before switching to English Literature for my MA with the Open University. I have taught both Poetry and Romanticism at the University of Birmingham.


I am studying theology and biblical references in the novels of Samuel Richardson and Henry Fielding published in the 1740s. I am interested in assessing how and why references are used and how they affect the narrative or character who uses them. Approximately 50% of biblical references in Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded and Clarissa by Samuel Richardson have previously been unobserved, and approximately 25% in Shamela, Joseph Andrews and Tom Jones by Henry Fielding have yet to be discussed. I will be contradicting the idea that the early novel is a secular genre of fiction, as novels which have a biblical reference per 20 pages (average across all five novels) cannot be considered fully secular.