Sadegh Attari

Sadegh Attari

Department of English Literature
Doctoral researcher

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Phd title: Reshaping Humanity: Death and Disease in Late Medieval Religious and Dramatic English Literature
SupervisorsDr Olivia Robinson, Dr Victoria Flood, Dr David Griffith


  • BA English Language and Literature (University of Tehran)
  • MA English Language and Literature (Shiraz University)


My interest in the definition of "human" and what falls beyond its discursive and material boundaries was explored in my Master's dissertation, which studies the role of monstrous entities in Mandeville's Travels. Continuing in a similar vein, my PhD thesis examines the impact of outbreaks of pestilence on understandings and representations of human materiality (inclusive of body and soul) in late fourteenth to early sixteenth century culture, with a particular focus on East Anglia. It analyses the impact of pestilence on medical discourses, public health measures, religious responses, and dramatic texts in which engagements with an understanding of the human are prominent.

My other research interests include medieval medicine, subjectivity, Posthumanism, New Materialism, discourse analysis, and videogames.

Other activities

  • Member of the 'Pandemic Perspectives', an online discussion group debating the impact of Covid-19. 'Pandemic Perspectives' website launched August 2020, featuring summaries of our weekly debates as well as original pieces by members 
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