Rebekah Cunningham

Rebekah Cunningham

Department of English Literature
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Game Changers: Videogames as reciprocal and dynamic entities in transatlantic digital culture
Supervisors: Dr Matt Hayler (University of Birmingham), Dr Rex Ferguson (University of Birmingham), Dr Alison Harvey (University of Leicester)


My research is currently focussed on how scholarship can approach game development and videogames as products that are dynamically changing through networked means (DLCs, patches/updates, etc.), generating increased reciprocity between the users of videogames (developers, players, journalists, etc.), resulting in games that are constantly changing around us. On a broader scale, I am interested in the industries of digital culture and how they function as both a product and a process. I also co-curate the Play/Pause seminar series, which explores videogames and VR studies through reading groups and speaker events.