Caroline Curtis

Department of English Literature
Doctoral researcher

Contact details

Phd title: Architects of Fortune: Autobiographical Practice and the Royal Society, 1660-1706
SupervisorsProfessor Hugh Adlington, Dr Peter Auger and Professor Martin Dzelzainis
PhD English Literature


  • MA English Language and Literature, University of Oxford


  • ENG-10030 Composition - Seminar lead (Keele University, 2019)


I explore the correlation between the impetus to study the natural world and to study oneself in the wake of Bacon. My research analyses this relationship in two ways: firstly, by querying how the language of the new scientific method influenced the literary language of its promoters and developers, and secondly, by exploring the philosophical impact of empiricism on that study of the self as an object.

Other activities

  • Awarded Lisa Jardine History of Science grant, 2019
  • Member of The British Society for Literature and Science
  • Elected to the Bibliographical Society, September 2018