Liz Maria Joys

Liz Maria Joys

Department of English Literature
Doctoral researcher

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Phd title: Pre-Romantic Pastoral Poetic Landscape: William Blake to William Wordsworth
SupervisorsDr Andrew Hodgson and Professor Alexandra Harris 
PhD English Literature


  • MA English - First Class (Stella Maris College- University of Madras, India), 2019
  • BA English - Distinction (Wilson College- University of Mumbai, India), 2017


My research consists of a study of the Pre-Romantic pastoral poetic landscape presented through the lesser-known works of William Blake, Charlotte Turner Smith and Ann Batten Cristall which will lead into the early poems of William Wordsworth, portraying how the works of the former three established a novel ground for the Age of Romanticism. I would specifically be focusing on the representation of nature and spirituality in the late eighteenth-century pastoral poetry which paved the way for Romantic Revival.