Victoria Williams

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Department of English Literature
Doctoral researcher

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Phd title: Frameless Fictions: Capturing Identity in Virtual Environments
Supervisors: Dr Matt Hayler and Dr Rex Ferguson
PhD English Literature


My research explores the ways identity and embodiment are captured in and through increasingly immersive virtual environments and virtual reality (VR) in particular. Combining literary theory and philosophical studies, my PhD project explores the changing paradigms of embodied interactions with technological artefacts, and how mediums might present the capacity to be within frameless fictions. The project also considers the ways immersive technologies might pose new affective challenges, looking closely at the horror genre and glitch studies to assess the cultural, social and political ramifications of increasingly intimate interactions with technology. My research interests span across visual and sound media; I am also interested in perspective, embodiment and immersion in relation to video games and I co-convene the PLAY/PAUSE seminar.