Mediating contemporary literature

Dr Zara Dinnen (University of Birmingham) and Dr Sam McBean (Queen Mary University of London) have been awarded a BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant for ‘Mediating Contemporary Literature’, which will take place in Spring and Summer 2017.

Glitchometry by Daniel Temkin

The project will advance our understanding of contemporary literature in relation to new media through a series of workshops bringing together scholars from the US and Europe. While ebooks or Science Fiction are obvious sites where literature meets technology, new media has had a much more profound effect on contemporary aesthetics - shifting the borders of reality and fiction, restructuring notions of privacy and publics, producing new forms of intimacy, and creating a temporality of immediacy. This project will explore how contemporary literature responds to, incorporates, or challenges the aesthetics of new media, and how we research and teach this emerging situation.

This project asks:

  • How do we situate contemporary literature within a wider mediascape?
  • How can new media theory be applied to the study of contemporary literature?
  • How do we teach contemporary literature in dialogue with other media forms?

Project team

Principal Investigators

  • Dr Zara Dinnen (University of Birmingham)
  • Dr Sam McBean (Queen Mary University of London)

[Image: Glitchometry by Daniel Temkin]