The Vernon Manuscript Project

West Midlanders join in!

Would medieval people have understood your English? Our latest project asks how far people in the English West Midlands today share the language of the Vernon manuscript.

Midlanders helped us answer this question by coming along to our sessions across the West Midlands from 6 – 18 September 2011 to see what pages from the manuscript look like and to read some of these texts that are so important to our shared local heritage.

To see how people responded to our project with the manuscript and talked about the impact it had on them please view the video below. We are very grateful to all of the participants and to Birmingham Central Library, Birmingham Cathedral, Walsall Museum, and Wolverhampton Central Library for allowing us to film.

The videos have now been used to help Undergraduate Research Scholar Luke Darbyshire investigate the relationship between the dialect of the Vernon Manuscript and the language of the modern West Midlands. You can download Luke Darbyshire’s research report here.

They will also help us spread the word further about the interest of the manuscript for people in the West Midlands region and help us to find ways of enabling even more people to engage with it.