Stratford Residential

The Department of English Literature Stratford Residential is a study residential held at the University of Birmingham’s Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon each year in June. 

The residential is an exciting opportunity for intensive study of English prose, poetry and drama in a setting that only Birmingham can offer.

The programme includes a trip to the Royal Shakespeare Company, as well as a wide variety of seminars and workshops across all periods of literature, from detective fiction, to creative plagiarism and fiction about the undead! There are also a range of practical workshops in which students explore textual, musical and theatrical ideas, alongside other cultural events.  Alongside these study activities there are a range of social activities and participatory events to suit the post-exam mood too.

What our students said about the residential:

  • ‘A wonderful experience that has proven I was right to choose Birmingham for my degree’
  • ‘I have loved the exposure to academics that are top of their field and spending time at the lovely Institute’
  • ‘Such a good experience – really enjoyed it’
  • ‘It was enjoyable, intellectually stimulating and brought us, as students, closer together’