Andrea Krott (Psychology) - seminar cancelled due to illness

Old Gym LG10
Arts and Law, Research
Tuesday 12th November 2019 (16:15-17:15)
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Seminar organiser: Marcus Perlman (

  • English Language Research Seminar
  • Speaker: Andrea Krott (Psychology)

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to illness.


Bilingual speakers have been suggested to have developed superiorexecutive control through life-long practice of controlling theinterference of their ‘other’ language when speaking. They have beenshown to outperform their monolingual counterparts in non-verbal taks,especially in tasks that require the inhibition of task-irrelevantinformation such as the Simon or Eriksen Flanker task (Bialystok,Craik, Green, & Gollan, 2009). I will present results that suggestthat the bilingual domain-general advantage stems from betterattentional control rather than inhibitory control in these tasks. Incontrast, I will present results that suggest advanced inhibitorycontrol abilities within the language domain: bilingual speakers’practice in inhibiting competing words from their ‘other’ languageseem to improve their ability to resolve lexical competition within alanguage.