Professor Adam Schembri Inaugural lecture

Arts Main Lecture Theatre (room 120)
Tuesday 24 May 2022 (17:30-18:30)
Photo of Adam Schembri

Join Professor Adam Schembri for his Inaugural Lecture 

'How is sign language?'

It is now over sixty years since sign language linguistics emerged as a field of study within the language sciences. In this presentation, I explore some of our studies of Auslan and British Sign Language (the historically related majority sign languages of Australia and the UK respectively), all of which have attempted to build on the finding that sign languages are natural languages by asking the question: what *kind* of languages are they? How much does their structure resemble, and how much does it differ from, spoken languages? How has the social structure of signing communities influenced their structure and use? And what can sign languages teach us about the very nature of human language? Importantly, what benefits can research on these questions have for the linguistic human rights of deaf communities?

BSL/English interpreting will be provided. Please note this is an in person event and will not be broadcast online.

Professor Schembri's lecture will conclude at 18:30 and be followed by a reception. 

Inaugural lectures are a landmark in academic life, held on the appointment of new professorships. Visit our College of Arts and Law Inaugural Lectures website to view the archive of previous talks from our academic staff.

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