Five reasons to study a Masters by distance learning

Dimitrios Tsampallas

Our distance learning programmes enable you to work with our expert academic staff from anywhere in the world. MA TESOL by Distance Learning student Dimitrios Tsampallas gives five reasons why studying a Masters by distance learning may be the best option for you.

Study at your own pace

An advantage of distance learning, and especially the distance learning programmes of the University of Birmingham, is the ability to break down each programme into smaller modules and study each one at your own pace and still finish your studies with a degree from a prestigious university.

Enjoy what the University has to offer without relocating

Studying via distance learning means doing it from the comfort of your house. Yet, undertaking a programme at the University of Birmingham involves having access to all the resources the university has to offer, be it Library services, academic assistance or being part of a community of students. 

Draw upon your current professional experience

An important advantage of distance learning is both being given the opportunity to utilise your professional knowledge while studying and draw conclusions that directly affect your practices, but at the same time having the chance to test the various hypotheses you come across and their applicability in real-life scenarios.

Lower financial costs

Worried about the cost of studying abroad? Distance learning helps alleviate this problem in two ways. Firstly, you do not have to worry about accommodation and living costs since you study from your house. Secondly, you do not have to stop working while studying meaning that your primary source of income is not get taken away from you.

Combine work with your studies

Working while studying might sound intimidating, but studying for a distance programme can make that easier. Apart from the reasons mentioned above, distance learning means learning at your own pace and at the same time having enough time to continue working and honouring all your professional commitments. Moreover, in case an unexpected situation comes up while studying, the University has contingencies in place to help you stand up on your feet again.

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