News in English Language and Linguistics

Why Metaphor Matters to Language Learners

Professor Jeanette Littlemore is talking at the 8th Annual Conference on Foreign Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics in Almaty, Kazakhstan, May 2018.

Dickens, wooden legs and the Dickensian cyberspace

In this post on the CLiC Dickens Blog, Emma Curry demonstrates how different materials across the 'Dickensian Cyberspace' can be cross-referenced to inform research – with a case study of Dickensian wooden legs.

CLiC Dickens talk at Dickens Day 2017, London

The CLiC Dickens team (Professor Michaela Mahlberg, Professor Peter Stockwell and Viola Wiegand) gave a talk at the Dickens Day 2017: 'Textual patterns of dreaming and the unconscious mind in Dickens'.

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