Corpus Linguistics

The University of Birmingham is an early pioneer in Corpus Linguistics and has been at the forefront of this field for over forty years.

Many leading figures in corpus research have worked here (including John Sinclair, Tim Johns and Wolfgang Teubert). The University of Birmingham was home to the ground-breaking Cobuild project in lexicography and it still holds the Collins Cobuild Bank of English.

Corpus Linguistics at Birmingham emphasizes the applied nature of corpus linguistics and its relevance to real-world problems. Our research is also characterized by its strong cross-disciplinary reach with particular focus on the links between literary stylistics, discourse analysis, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, and statistics.

As well as our popular PhD programme in English Language and Applied Linguistics, we run an MRes in Corpus Linguistics. Our campus MA programmes in Applied Linguistics and English Language and Applied Linguistics and our distance MA in Applied Linguistics programmes also feature options in corpus linguistics.

Crucial to Corpus Linguistics at Birmingham is our Centre for Corpus Research.

Staff researching and supervising in Corpus Linguistics