ELR Journal: Issue 2, Special Issue on Metaphor


Welcome to the second edition of the relaunched English Language Research. We would like to thank all the authors for their work on developing such a thought-provoking and diverse collection of papers, and the reviewers for their insightful feedback.

ELR has been proud to publish many seminal works in theoretical and applied linguistics, and it is our hope that in the coming years we will continue to be a forum for innovative research from early career and established academics alike.

This special issue focuses on metaphor as a field of study, bringing together seven papers that reflect the diversity and scope of this research area.

The issue opens with three discourse-focused papers. Denver Beirne’s paper analyses an excerpt from the TV drama ‘Mad Men’, while Peter Ochefu Okpeh presents an investigation of metaphor use in Nigerian Pentecostal Christian discourse and Dragana Božić Lenard & Nevena Ćosić analyse metaphor and metonymy in Croatian political speeches.

The next two papers look more specifically at the cognitive and conceptual aspects of metaphor, with Barry Grossman investigating metaphorical expressions of self-awareness in English, and Stephen Lucek applying a conceptual metaphor analysis to perceptions of participants’ home towns.

To end the issue, the focus broadens to include cross-linguistic metaphor analysis and implications for language teaching and learning, with Chun-Ying Wang’s investigation of the understanding of adverb-noun patterns in Mandarin Chinese from a cognitive perspective and Chris Young’s exploration of the potential difficulties experienced by Korean learners of English regarding metaphor. 


Denver Beirne: 

The Metaphors of Mad Men [pages 1-36]

Peter Ochefu Okpeh:

Contextual Considerations in the Use of Metaphors in Nigerian Pentecostal Christian Discourse [pages 37-60]

Dragana Božić Lenard, Nevena Ćosić: 

The Analysis of Metaphors and Metonymies in Political Speeches – A Case Study of the Former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader [pages 61-81]

Barry Grossman: 

Metaphorical Expressions of Self Awareness in English [pages 82-105]

Stephen Lucek:

UPtown and DOWNtown: the INs and OUTs of how Navan residents conceptualise the town where they live [pages 106-125]

Chun-Ying Wang:

Understanding Metaphors in Adverb-Noun Patterns in Mandarin Chinese [pages 126-145]

Chris Young:

It Is What It Isn’t: An Exploration of Metaphorical Difficulties for Korean Cross-cultural Language Learners of English [pages 146-162]


We would like to thank the following for reviewing submissions to our journal:

Editor: Sarah Turner