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The CLiC Dickens project demonstrates through corpus stylistics how computer-assisted methods can be used to study literary texts and lead to new insights into how readers perceive fictional characters. As part of the project we are developing the web app CLiC, designed specifically for the analysis of literary texts. CLiC Dickens started at the University of Nottingham in 2013, it is now a collaborative project with the University of Birmingham.

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12 April 2018

Dickens, wooden legs and the Dickensian cyberspace

In this post on the CLiC Dickens Blog, Emma Curry demonstrates how different materials across the 'Dickensian Cyberspace' can be cross-referenced to inform research – with a case study of Dickensian wooden legs.

28 March 2018

What's in a Word: Exam-ready with CLiC

"With less than fifty days until the Literature exams, this exciting new approach could not have fallen into teachers' hands at a better time!" In her guest post on the CLiC Dickens Blog, teacher Katherine Howard (Brockington College, South Leicestershire) writes about using the CLiC web app for GCSE English revision with a case study of 'A Christmas Carol'.

15 October 2017

CLiC Dickens talk at Dickens Day 2017, London

The CLiC Dickens team (Professor Michaela Mahlberg, Professor Peter Stockwell and Viola Wiegand) gave a talk at the Dickens Day 2017: 'Textual patterns of dreaming and the unconscious mind in Dickens'.

29 November 2016

Michaela Mahlberg at the Hay Festival

Professor Michaela Mahlberg, interviewed at the Hay Festival, talks about Corpus Linguistics as a method of quickly surveying word usage in texts and illustrates how we can use it to analyse Dickens.

22 June 2016

Sinclair Lecture 2016

The 11th Sinclair Lecture was delivered by Professor Michaela Mahlberg, Chair in Corpus Linguistics and Director of the Centre for Corpus Research.

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