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Learn how to combine words so that you sound like a native speaker.


The way that native speakers of English combine words is often rather idiomatic and can not be explained very easily. Native speakers say things like take a risk, run into a problem, or come up with a solution. Word Dominoes helps you learn how to build these phrases in a fun and enjoyable way.

Doctor Crayton Walker from the University of Birmingham has devised the game taking his inspiration from the game of dominoes. The feature which makes Word Dominoes different to many other language games is that its content is wholly based on research. The aim is to match hexagonal tiles together in order to create combinations of words which sound natural. This version of the game will help you learn some of the most frequent combinations associated with phrasal verbs. Combinations such as call off the meeting, sort out the mess, make up for lost time and weigh up the pros and cons.

You can change the level of difficulty so you get the most out of the game. You should start by using the ‘easy’ setting (default). However, as you play the game more you should try to increase the difficulty. As the level of difficulty is based on the frequency of the phrase it means that the more you play the game the more you will sound like a native.