Dr Ruth Page

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Department of English Language and Linguistics
Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics
Student Experience Academic Lead for ELAL

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Frankland Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I am a Senior Lecturer in Stylistics. My main research explores the language people use when they tell stories, particularly in social media contexts.


  • BA English Literature and Language (1994)
  • Certificate in Professional Development, University of Central England (1997)
  • PhD (University of Birmingham, 2000)


I joined the Department of English Language and Linguistics in 2015, returning to the University of Birmingham where I completed my undergraduate and doctoral studies some years earlier.  In between, I worked at Birmingham City University and the University of Leicester.


I teach on both the campus-based and the distance MA programmes in Literary Linguistics and Applied Linguistics as well as the BA Single Honours and Joint Honours Programmes in English Language. I teach on and/or convene modules in Language, Gender and Identity, Narrative Analysis and Literary Linguistics.

Postgraduate supervision

I am always looking for students with exciting projects and am particularly interested in supervising projects which incorporate discourse analysis and narrative analysis, focus on data from spoken or social media contexts, which include multimodal materials along with verbal data, and/or explore topics in language and gender.  I have supervised PhD projects in the broad fields of

  • Discourse analysis
  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Computer-mediated communication

Find out more - our PhD English Language and Applied Linguistics  page has information about doctoral research at the University of Birmingham.


My research interests focus on narrative analysis, computer-mediated communication and language and gender.  My research includes both literary-critical and discourse analytic approaches to narrative, exploring storytelling examples found in literary, conversational, and most recently, social media contexts.  I enjoy working with commercial and heritage partners on funded and unfunded collaborations.

Other activities



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Text books

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Journal articles

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Book chapters

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