Dr Lee Oakley BA (Hons.), MPhil, PhD

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Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics
Teaching Fellow

Contact details

Room 125, 3 Elms Road
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I am a Teaching Fellow in English Language and Applied Linguistics, with a particular interest in the areas of Critical Discourse Analysis, Corpus Linguistics, and Language and Identity.


  • PhD English Language & Applied Linguistics, University of Birmingham
  • MPhil English Language & Applied Linguistics, University of Birmingham
  • BA (Hons.) English Language & History, University of Birmingham


I joined the Department of English Language & Applied Linguistics in September 2015.


I convene a range of modules across the undergraduate and postgraduate curricula. In 2015/16 I convene the following modules:

  • Investigating Language (1st Year, core module)
  • Sounds, Structures & Words (1st Year, core module)
  • Language for Literature (1st Year, core module)
  • English Phonology & Morphology (2nd Year, core module)
  • Words (Final Year, optional module)
  • Describing Language: Grammar (MA, core module)


My current research is primarily concerned with the study and creation of very small specialised corpora for the purposes of quantitative and qualitative discourse analysis.  This stems from my recently completed doctoral thesis (2016) on the representation of sexualities in a corpus of sex education textbooks for British teenagers.

I am particularly interested in exploring the interplay of gendered/sexual identities in official discourses (be they educational, legal, institutional, and so on).

Other activities

I am a member of the following academic organizations:

  • British Association of Applied Linguists (BAAL)
  • International Gender and Language Association (IGALA)


Sealey, A. and Oakley, L. (2014) ‘Why did the Canada goose cross the sea? Accounting for the behaviour of wildlife in in the documentary series Life’. International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 24 (1): 19-37

Sealey, A. and Oakley, L. (2013) ‘Anthropomorphic grammar? Some linguistic patterns in the wildlife documentary series Life.’ Text & Talk, 33 (3): 399-420