'The Tempest', Verona and Internationalisation

The Tempest at 400

The Shakespeare Institute is running a conference with the University of Verona in December this year to celebrate the 400th anniversary of 'The Tempest'. The event announces a new phase in the Institute's internationalisation strategy, which also involves a new and special relationship with Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich and closer co-operation with both The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC and a cluster of Shakespearean institutions in Chicago. Partnerships are also being developed with colleagues in India.

Professor Ewan Fernie, who is speaking in Verona and was on the Scientific Committee for the conference, said, 'It's a very exciting time for the Institute. We're getting closer all the time to the RSC and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. We've come to a historic agreement with the fabulous New Library of Birmingham. And we're developing an utterly distinctive new creative curriculum which will lead to postgraduate degrees which are highly prized in the academy, the theatre and other cultural industries. In addition to all that, only last week our new Director, Professor Michael Dobson, made the national news!'


  • Richard Andrews
  • Silvia Bigliazzi
  • Martin Butler
  • Lisanna Calvi
  • Tobias Doering
  • Keir Elam
  • Ewan Fernie
  • Robert Henke
  • Roger Holdsworth
  • Peter Holland
  • Andrew Gurr
  • David Lindley
  • Russ McDonald
  • Kate McLuskie
  • Lucia Nigri
  • Eleonora Oggiano
  • Alessandro Serpieri
  • Gianni Tomiotti

Compagnia Teatro Scientifico

  • Tempeste o l'arte dell'incanto (based on F Neri and W Shakespeare)

Round table

  • Richard Andrews
  • Paolo Bertinetti
  • Rosy Colombo
  • Giovanna Caserta
  • Michele Marrapodi
  • Clara Mucci
  • Alessandro Serpieri

Scientific Committee

  • Silvia Bigliazzi
  • Lisanna Calvi
  • Ewan Fernie
  • Angelo Righetti
  • Alessandro Serpieri


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  • lisanna.calvi@univr.it
  • eleonora.oggiano@univr.it