Shakespeare Institute in Weimar

2014 marks not only the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth, but also the 150th birthday of the Deutsche Shakespeare Gesellschaft (German Shakespeare Society): the oldest such society in the world.

The Shakespeare Institute featured prominently at its great gala celebration in Weimar. Professor Ewan Fernie gave one of two keynotes, and the other was given by former Director of the Institute, Professor Peter Holland. Written for the occasion and his recent inaugural in Edgbaston, Fernie's lecture offered a fresh take on the big subject of Shakespeare and freedom. It was written up in an article titled 'Der Partisan aus Stratford' by Hubert Spiegel, the literary editor of the German national newspaper FAZ.  Professor Dobson, the current Director of the Institute, conducted an interview with Kenneth Branagh, who is an Honorary Fellow of the Insitute, before Branagh was made Honorary President of the organisation. This made the German TV news: