Give your time

As part of our thriving alumni community, there are many ways you can still be involved and give back to Birmingham.

Alumni profiles are a fantastic way to share your journey since graduation with current and prospective students. If you would like to take part, please take a few minutes to share your experiences and career post graduation.


Our students also find it very valuable to hear from our alumni in person, and we put on a range of events throughout the year where alumni can share their experiences and give sector insights and expertise. If you would like to find out more about participating in events, please get in touch.

Working with us not only helps to support current students, but also adds to your experience and helps you develop and maintain a network of academics, other graduates and more.    

Offer your expertise

Do you have expertise or experience in partiular areas of education policy, practice or research?

Across the School of Education, there are oportunities for our alumni to share their insights and experiences with both our students and researchers.

This could be as varied as delivering a guest lecture in your field of interest, working with academics on research related to your area of work or giving expert comment on topical issues.

Get in touch with us if you would like to find out more.

Be a mentor

Our mentoring scheme matches students with alumni mentors who have relevant experience in the student’s area of interest. We welcome interest from all alumni – you do not have to have mentored before.

The aim of the programme is to help students prepare to find a job when they leave University, by helping them to identify potential careers, insight into potential career paths,  encouraging them to source work internships and general support and guidance. Find out more about how you can support students

Inspire others

Your knowledge of the University and experience of studying here are invaluable; students want to know what you learned here and how you have used it since graduation.

Whether you're just starting out, at the top of your field or somewhere in between, you can help us to inspire others.  By sharing your  career journey, you can  offer an insight into the opportunities available to our students once they graduate. Help to inspire current and prospective students by sharing your career profile. 

Share your network

You could support current students by sharing your network, introducing us to your organisation or by speaking at events to encourage students to consider a career in your field. 


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