Aggeliki Pappa, MEd Inclusion and Special Educational Needs, 2010

Aggeliki PappaCurrent role

Founder-CEO of 'i love dyslexia' a holistic EFL educational institute.

Why did you originally apply to the University of Birmingham and School of Education?

As an EFL teacher I was desperate to find a way to support and provide successful inclusion to my students with dyslexia and SEN in the EFL mainstream classroom.

What are your fondest memories of the school and university?

The wonderful multicultural fellow classmates and the amazing campus-nature of Birmingham University was for me a canvas on which I was allowed to work passionately on my dreams and vision as an educator.

What did you think of the learning experience? Did you find your degree challenging or easy in any way?

In general, I found the degree was quite demanding but very informative, well organised and interesting. Overall , the learning experience in the University of Birmingham was a dream come true. At that time, even now, there were (and are) no Master Degrees in the world which have a focus on FL and dyslexia, as this a new field of studies. When I asked my professors if I  could adjust my research in the field to reflect my personal interest, they were very flexible and willing to allow me focus on my personal needs. As a result, I had a chance to build the roots of the first and only innovative and award winning organization in the world ' i love dyslexia' for EFL-FL learning for students with dyslexia and SEN, offering a global voice and thinking to 10 % of the population that was deprived from the FL skill.

What advice would you give any current students who are studying your course?

I would encourage students to try to personalise their research to focus on their passion and the innovative parameters that few have worked on. Trying to walk the road less travelled is quite challenging, but it can definitely lead you in amazing opportunities that can change your life and the life of people around you.