Amy Thompson, PGDipEd Religious Education

Subject Leader of Religious Studies at the Thomas Deacon Academy.

PGDipEd Secondary, Religious Education, 2015 

Why did you choose to train to teach with the University of Birmingham? 

It was the best university that offered a teaching degree in religious education.

What are your fondest memories of the school and university?

My fondest memories are all of them! From coming in on university days to going on placement to meeting up with friends on the course for meals! We even went on a trip to London which was fantastic!

What did you think of the learning experience? 

I thought the degree would be really easy if I’m honest. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The challenging atmosphere of the course has really helped me with the work/life balance of a teacher. I wouldn’t have wanted an easy course as it wouldn’t prepare you for the life of a teacher.

What advice would you give any current students who are studying your course?

This PGDipEd course prepared me so well for teaching. It made me more organised and made me priorities and consider pedagogues I’d never heard of. Whilst it may seem tough at times you will look back on it so fondly! I honestly believe no other course will prepare you as well as this one. Also, start looking for jobs in the new year...they will pop up for months and you should apply for everything! Get that interview experience in! Good luck!

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