Helen Joan Brown, University Certificate in Autistic Spectrum Disorders

'It was interesting, worth-while and fun, despite at times being completely surrounded by relevant books and material'.

What first attracted you to the course at Birmingham?

Birmingham University has a good reputation and is a well established university. Also the course content, I was interest in finding out about distance learning course and more about autism.

Where there any other factors that influenced your decision?

A local speech therapist recommended the course as she was doing a Birmingham Autistic Spectrum disorder course herself.

What are the 5 best things about studying on your course?

  • Increased knowledge of autistic spectrum disorders.
  • Very interesting reading. 
  • Support from tutors. 
  • Enjoying formal learning again. 
  • Meeting and discussing with others interested in the field.

One for fun – tell us one thing you didn’t know about the University of Birmingham before studying here?

How helpful the staff are.

How did you find doing a web-based distance education course?

It was very interesting and helpful. The course was well organised and help was available if needed; by very pleasant staff.

How did you find the using the on-line resources such as WebCT?

WebCT presented the material clearly and methodically. Audios and videos presented variety to the process. E’brary was a little difficult to become accustomed to.

How often did you meet with your Regional Tutor (face-to-face or online)?

I met on-line about once a month. She was very helpful when I needed to phone her on several occasions.

Were you encouraged to learn in other ways?

Through discussion groups and chat with others on-line, which was very interesting. We were also encouraged to do wider reading.

Would you recommend this method of learning via distance education to others? If so, why?

Definitely. It fits in with family and other commitments, you can learn at your own pace and the way the material is presented enables you to go back over it easily or to find it again when necessary.

How do you feel your University study has helped towards your future career?

My study has greatly increased my knowledge of autistic spectrum disorders, and made me better armed to fight for my two children, both with ASDS. I am now a voluntary speaker for the National Autistic Society. Without studying here, I would not have felt prepared to undertake this task.

Advice for current students

Enrol. The certificate in autistic studies whetted my interest in studying and I have gone on to further ASD studies with Birmingham.

Sum up your University experience in one sentence

It was interesting, worth-while and fun, despite at times being completely surrounded by relevant books and material.

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