Iain Embrey, PGCE, 2010; MEd Teaching Studies, 2012

Current Role

Swanshurst School, Brimingham: KS5 Mathematics Co-ordinator

What is the best thing about what you are doing now?

Teaching is incredibly rewarding

Why did you originally apply to Birmingham?

Because of the reputation and location of the university

What are your fondest memories of the University?

My involvement in the kayaking and orienteering clubs – and playing for the teams and organising events 

What did you think of the learning experience within the University?

The course was well designed and particularly well assessed with an emphasis on student quality rather than evidencing 

Did you find the degree programme at Birmingham challenging or easy?

The PGCE is a very demanding course, compared to, say, a MA in maths (in my experience) 

What advice would you give to current students studying on your degree programme?

Insightful tutoring and good course design are strengths of the Maths PGCE at Birmingham 

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