Norah Anne Swan, MEd in Speech and Language Difficulties (Distance Education) 2010

Current role

Class teacher for children with speech, language and education needs. 

What first attracted you to do your course at University of Birmingham?

Wanting to find out why certain strategies worked with children with speech, language and communication needs and why others did not.

Were there any other factors that influenced your decision?

The time was right with my children being beyond needing continuous attention, but not yet reached the teenage years.

Why did you choose the MeD in Speech and Language Difficulties?

To further my understanding of speech, language and communication needs.

What are your fondest memories of the University?

The residential in August

How did you grow as a person by coming to the University?

Made me more organised with work so that now I have finished my course I have time for other interests, instead of working every night on school work. 

What did you think of the learning experience in the School of Education?

I enjoyed the study and found it useful to study at my own pace.

Did you find the course at Birmingham challenging or easy?

The toughest bits were the PIE study and organising my dissertation.

What are the benefits of studying part-time or at a distance?

Distance education was ideal for me as it fitted in with my other commitments

Did you find your work interfered with your study time?

It made me more organised in my work practice.

Advice for current students

Be organised and stick to your study organisation. If you are considering part-time or distance education, try doing an evening course before taking on the commitment to get yourself into study habits and to help with time management.