Dr Sara Curren, PhD Education, 2016

Current Role

Research assistant, University of Birmingham

Why did you originally apply to the University of Birmingham and School of Education

Having applied for PhD study in the well-known Department of Inclusion and Special Needs in the School of Education, I was fortunate enough to be recommended by them for a 1+3 ESRC studentship, which was ultimately awarded.

What are your fondest memories of the school and university

The diversity - of study, of people, friendships formed and opportunities on offer. As a (very!) mature student, I loved the whole experience.

What did you think of the learning experience Did you find your degree challenging or easy in any way

It was challenging in a good way. Having due to unavoidable circumstances, two changes of supervisor during my study, made misadvantage ultimately turned out to be an advantage.

What advice would you give any current students who are studying your course

Take every opportunity that the University offers, whether it is to meet and work alongside students from other disciplines, enhance your study skills or engage in sport. There is so much to choose from.