Disability History Month 2020

Disability History Month took place between the 18th November and 18th December 2020. The University of Birmingham put on a comprehensive programme of events for this, under the theme ' Accessibility: How far have we come? How far have we got to go?' 

The Disability, Inclusion and Special Needs Department organised a series of successful events for these. We have recorded them and provide recordings here.

Inclusion and special needs: how far have we come, how far have we to go?

A discussion on how far we have come in terms of diversity and inclusion in education globally. This session features a keynote talk by Prof. Julie Allan who provided the history and current trajectory of inclusion. This was followed by four specialist presentations looking at inclusion from different angles. 

Video transcript

From pathology to neurodiversity: a conversation about autism.

Dr. Wenn Lawson and Annie Etherington pursued two themes in this event: how framing of autism influences the way professionals think about and respond to autism and how it impacts the identity, self-esteem and well-being of the autistic individual. 

Video transcript

How far have we come: looking towards the next 50. 

This session was offered by colleagues in the United Arab Emirates. It brought together key voices from the regulator ADEK in the United Arab Emirates. The session explored and shone the light on how inclusion and accessibility have improved the lives for People of Determination.  Where has the greatest impact been evidenced? What difference has this made to the lives of students? 

Video transcript

Celebrating Autistic Talent

This session featured a group of autistic panel members talking about the talents of autistic people.This was followed by a panel discussion with audience questions.

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