Researching discourses and practices in Adult ESOL

Social Sciences
Friday 15th July 2011 (00:00)
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Regional workshop for the Researching multilingualism, multilingualism in research practice research project.

This workshop is a collaboration between Professor Adrian Blackledge (MOSAIC, Birmingham) and Dr James Simpson and Professor Mike Baynham, (School of Education, University of Leeds).

Research into adult ESOL extends beyond classroom walls. Running through contemporary ESOL research is an exploration not just of what happens in classrooms, but also of the social worlds of ESOL students, whether settled or recently settled migrants, refugees or asylum seekers. This research problematizes the relationship between the inside and the outside: how does the outside impinge on the classroom and learning lives of adult migrants? How is the ‘outside’ brought ‘in’? This inside/outside theme is evident in the content of this workshop. The sessions covered an examination of theoretical approaches towards researching discourses and practices in Adult ESOL, and of methodological and analytical techniques for the investigation of spoken, written and online discourse both from ESOL classrooms and from out-of-class contexts.