Previous Events


12th December - CANCELLED: Academics writing within contradictory systems of value: the Research Excellence Framework as genre regime. With speaker Karin Tusting

9th December - Birmingham & the Great War: medicine, trauma, injury

4th December - PostgraduateStudentships PhD Funding Fair

25th November - The 16th annual School of Education Doctoral Research Conference

24th November - Educational Review: article of the year seminar

24th November - Postgraduate Virtual Open Day in the School of Education

22nd November - Teacher Education at Birmingham

21st November - The significance of stories in ethics education with speaker Grace Lockrobin

15th November - Teaching Religious Education: Drop-in session

7th November - Learning from autistic perspectives

6th November - Addressing inequalities in higher education: theoretical approaches and evidence from practice in South Africa

25th October - How do students and educators in higher education talk about learning, learning difference, and 'intelligence'?

25th October - Café PhD for research in the Social Sciences

25th October - Café for Masters programmes in Social Sciences

24th October - The happy circle: dualisms in inclusive education with speaker Franziska Felder

20th October 2017-14th January 2018 - Beyond the Battlefields: Käthe Buchler's Photographs of Germany in the Great War

18th October - 'Humanitarian relief, internationalism, and child refugees: The Spanish Civil War and the Global campaign of Esme Odgers'

10th October - Rush Hour Research: Translanguaging in Everyday Practice

4th October - The Diversity Bargain: And Other Dilemmas of Race, Admissions, and Meritocracy at Elite Universities

4th October - Teacher Education at Birmingham

19th September - Understanding the high expectation classroom: Structures and processes to increase student achievement

8th July - Why should philosophy be taught in schools?

27th June - Inclusive Curriculum approaches for autistic students – Lessons from participatory projects.

20th June - Educational Review: article of the year seminar

19th June - Translanguaging as a Practical Theory of Language: Implications for practice and research

19th-23rd June - Researching translanguaging: key concepts, methods & issues

18th May - The Birmingham Conference 2017

17th May - Developing new teachers: what does the research tell us?

16th May - Supporting more able pupils, with speaker Carrie Winstanley

13th May - Scruffy Targets, Meaningful Outcomes, Inspiring Legacy - Celebrating the life and work of Dr Penny Lacey

10th May - Postgraduate Virtual Open Day

4th April - What if everything you knew about education was wrong?

28th March - The Chartered College of Teaching: Learning without Limits.

21st March - The Brain and Learning: emotions, aggression and antisocial behaviour

21st March - Self-assertion, university/ies and turbulence: learning from Heidegger. With speaker Rebecca Rosewarne

3rd March - Postgraduate Open Day

2nd-3rd March - Best of British Special Education

21st February - The ethics of belief: implications for education with speaker Ben Kotzee

15th February - Happiness, Inclusivity, and Education

13th February - Teacher Training Virtual Open Day

9th February - The Place of 'Non-Cognitive Skills' in Teaching and the Curriculum

2nd February - Literacies and discourses among visually impaired people in a city in the North East of Brazil

31st January - Lesson study and Learning Study: Issues in methodology and methods

31st January - Rush-hour Research - Teaching Controversial Issues

26th January - Newly arrived young people as writers in and outside of school – Insights from recent research in Norway


14th December - Train to Teach- School Direct Information Evening

12th December - The Scourge of School Exclusion – Chris Searle

7th December - Community-based technologies for autism

7th December - Teacher Education at Birmingham

7th December - Teacher Education at Birmingham

3rd December - Nice kids can spit!

2nd December - Postgraduate Virtual Open Day

28th November - Teacher Training Virtual Open Day

26th November - School of Education, Doctoral Research Conference

25th October - Language choice as an index of identities: Linguistic landscape in Dili, Timor-Leste

18th October - Limiting RE

12th October - Teacher Education at Birmingham

6th October - Open Evening: Applied Educational and Child Psychology Doctorate

27th September - World War One in the City: Melbourne 1914-1918

29th June - AuVision - Enhancing Outcomes for Autistic Students: a peer-to-peer project

29th June - Preparation for Teaching: Inequalities, partnerships and learning to be a teacher

21st June - University of Birmingham EU Referendum Public Debate

21st June - What do we know about youth?

8th June - Exploring teachers' beliefs about dyslexia and inclusive practice: a cross-cultural study in North West England and Cyprus

24th May - What do we know about communication in superdiverse cities?

19th May - The Birmingham Conference 2016

18th May - Exploring pupil interaction and special school pupil voice in two integrative mainstream-special school music projects

13th May - Communication in the Superdiverse City

3rd May - Poetry reading by the Birmingham Poets Laureate

28th April - Routledge Education and University of Birmingham Roadshow

26th April - What do we know about early years education?

7th April - Literacy outcomes for Deaf and Hard of Hearing primary school children

22nd March - What do we know about educating teachers?

15th March - Self-interest, flourishing and teaching environmental ethics

23rd February - What do we know about character?

15th February - On Heritage Speakers as Native Speakers: Description, Identity, Ideology

3rd February - Linguistic superdiversity as a "new" theoretical framework in applied linguistics: panacea or nostrum?

2nd February - Teacher Education at Birmingham: 2nd February 2016

26th January - What do we know about closing achievement gaps?