The School of Education provides access to a wide range of facilities for the use of staff and students. Find details below of the School libraries, IT facilities, WebCT and e-learning resources.

Library Services

The new University library on the central campus, opened in 2017. However, for those students who are not campus based, the library also provides access to a range of online resources such as electronic online databases, electronic journals, ebooks and web resources covering most of the major subject disciplines. Such resources include British Education Index, BookFind & Web of Science. There are also newspaper archives and business & Management resources.

The FindIt@Bham service enables users to access details of all electronic and printed material from a central resouce. Content includes information on 2.7 million books (including 275,000 eBooks), 50,000 subscription and open access electronic journals, access to over 1,000 electronic resources as well as to 2,000 electronic theses.

The 'Green Heart'

In place of the old library, the University is creating a 'Green Heart' which will run through the centre of the campus. You can visit the 360 degree tour to see what this will look like. The School of Education also has it's own small 'Rose Garden'.

IT Facilities

Flexible open access computer clusters and learning suites are available within the School of Education, with school specific software. Personalised web portals are setup to cater for individual needs, allowing access to school web learning materials. Seminar and training rooms are provided with interactive IT equipment, to aid teaching and learning. Wireless network connectivity allows personal IT equipment to access network resources.  Local printing and scanning facilities are also available.

WebCT and e-learning

The large majority of courses and modules in the School of Education make use of the University’s Virtual learning Environment (called 'Canvas'), Pebblepad or other learning technologies, in order to enhance your learning experience and provide additional information and support. The School has a dedicated e-Learning Team who promote innovation and provide individual support to help you make the most of e-Learning technologies while studying at the University. For more detailed information, visit the webLearn web site.

School of Education Cafe

Within our dedicated student support centre in the School of Education on the ground floor is a cafe which provides hot and cold food as well as drinks.