Alexia Achtypi

Doctoral Researcher

Doctoral Researcher Alexia Achtypi at the University of Birmingham talks about her research

Current Status

2nd year - Full time

Research Topic

How can iPad applications be effectively used to support the social communication and emotional regulation of primary school-age children with autism?

Research summary

Recent research findings suggest that individuals with autism show great interest in technology, such as computers and tablets. Consequently, many studies have focused on the benefits of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) interventions for people with autism. However, most of the research is limited in scope and does not explore the effectiveness of TEL strategies in real-world classrooms, creating a persistent disconnect between theory and practice.

Thus, the proposed study aims to contribute to the growing area of TEL research, by investigating how iPads are used to support social communication and emotional regulation for children with autism and the extent to which the use of iPad practices impacts on their level of motivation and engagement.

Research interests

  • Autism
  • Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
  • iPads, Educational Technology
  • Special Education
  • Autism awareness
  • Good Autism Practice

Research Supervisors

Dr Karen Guldberg, Dr Despina Papoudi


School of Education PhD Studentship

Membership of research and professional organisations

  • The National Autistic Society
  • Autism West Midlands
  • NAACE-The Education Technology Association

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