April-Louise Pennant

Doctoral Researcher

April-Louise PennentCurrent status 

Second year, Full-time 

Research topic

The educational journeys and experiences of Black British females within the English education system

Research summary

Much of the research on the educational experiences of Black students has tended to focus on boys. Apart from a few dedicated studies, there has been little wider attention paid to the experiences and strategies of Black girls within the education system. In addition, previous research has not tended to differentiate between Black students based on ethnicity. This is a nuance which I will build on within my research, potentially adding a new dimension to the field. 

Within my research, attention will be paid to the intersection of race, gender, social class and ethnicity in relation to Black females' experiences within the English education system. I hope to use my research to explicitly and purposely document the educational experiences of Black British females, as well as the strategies they employ along the way. In addition, I hope my research can provide an useful template which can be translated to other marginalised female groups within education.

Research interests

  • Social justice
  • Equity
  • Education
  • Black Britishness
  • Black Females
  • Ethnicity and Cultural Background
  • Social Class

Research Supervisors

Professor Deborah Youvell and Dr Dina Kiwan

Source of Funding

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Contact details

Email: AXP510@student.bham.ac.uk


LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/april-louise-pennant-15b947106