Hanin Bukamal

Hanin BukamalThe Relationships between Teachers’ Expectations, Attitudes, and Pedagogical Practices with Student Achievement in an Inclusive Classroom

Supervisors: Dr Despina Papoudi and Professor Gary Thomas

Email: Hxb743@student.bham.ac.uk

This study will investigate the relationships between teachers’ attitudes towards inclusion, teacher expectations of student achievement, teachers’ pedagogical practices, and the classroom climate, all in the setting of an inclusive classroom. These characteristics will be explored by establishing a comparison between teachers who have received teacher training at the teacher’s college, and teachers who have not receive teacher training. 


Hanin has a combined 7 years teaching and research experience at the University of Auckland, Bahrain Polytechnic, and Bahrain Teachers College. Hanin is passionate about research, teacher education and lifelong learning. Her research interests are in inclusive education, problem based learning, student centred learning, and teacher expectations.

Research interests

  • Inclusive education
  • Problem based learning
  • Teacher expectations
  • Student centred learning 

Conference papers

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