Hannah Bowden

Doctoral Researcher

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Current Status

First Year

Research Topic

An exploration of the enactment of the Pupil Premium Plus policy by Virtual Schools and the effects on educational provision for looked-after children.

Research Summary

Looked-after children and young people are marginalised and excluded, experiencing poorer outcomes than the wider population. In 2014, 12% of looked-after children achieved five A*-C GCSEs (DfE, 2014). In the subsequent academic year, the Coalition Government introduced a new strand of the Pupil Premium, the ‘Pupil Premium Plus’ (PP+). PP+ aims to improve ‘attainment and progress’ (Rees and The National Virtual School Network, 2015:29) of looked-after children by giving £1,900 per capita to every Virtual School across England ‘to help meet the needs identified in….personal education plans’ (Jarrett et al., 2016:11).

This research project will explore the effects of the PP+ on educational provision for this marginalised group, producing a detailed account of the enactment of PP+ policy by Virtual Schools, tracing the flow of money from central government to the child. It will be centered around three key concerns: the concurrent decentralization and centralization of control over the PP+ budget, the variation in enactment of the PP+ policy and its effects, and the impact of the PP+ on the subject position of looked-after children.

Research Interests

  • Looked-after children
  • the British care system
  • education
  • policy
  • neoliberalism
  • subjectivity, power.

Research Supervisors

Professor Kalwant Bhopal

Dr Ian McGimpsey

Source of Funding


Publications and Conference Presentations

‘Reflection, Learning and Identity – Troubled by Butler’, Cornucopia