Izzy Mohammed

Doctoral Researcher

Contact details

Email: izzy.mohammed@birmingham.gov.uk 

Izzy MohammedCurrent Status

First Year

Research Topic

Public archives, Representation and Integration in Post-War, Multicultural Urban Contexts: Birmingham and Manchester

Research Summary

This research explores the extent to which respectively located public archives represent diverse ethnic groups in the multicultural urban centres of Birmingham and Manchester; subsequently considering the implications of representation/under-representation for community groups, leading to discussion around issues of inclusion/exclusion and social integration.

In order to do this, this research will survey archive collections; consider institutional and professional practices and policies; explore the history of engagement and participation within the context of each of the local public archives and its constituency; and survey heritage and cultural projects designed to increase representation, capacity and engagement.

Further, this research will consider personal and collective feelings/perceptions around identity/sense of place and belonging; history of migration and social and demographic change; and frame this within a broad post-war history and evolution of the two respective cities of Birmingham and Manchester.

Research Interests

  • Cultural Participation and Engagement 
  • Urban History, History of Migration and Social Change 
  • Social, Cultural and Ethnic Diversity; Multiculturalism 
  • Heritage ( including Oral History and Archives ) 
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology

Research Supervisors

Professor Ian Grosvenor and Dr Kevin Myers


Part Self-Funded; Part School of Education

Membership of Research and Professional Organisations

Member of Oral History Society; Group for Education in Museums


'From Bangladesh to Smethwick’ 2008 Smethwick Bangladeshi Youth Forum (SBYF)

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Editorial Board of History West Midlands Journal