Jesvir Mahil

Doctoral Researcher

Jesvir MahilCurrent Status

Fourth Year

Research Topic

As a major stakeholder in education, what is the role and influence of Ofsted, in promoting the development of creativity skills in vocational business studies courses for young learners aged 16 to 19 in Further Education Colleges? 

Research Summary

Purpose: To transform the quality of teaching and learning in vocational Business Studies courses in Further Education colleges through a shared understanding of how teachers, students and inspectors define, recognise, measure, reward and promote creativity, so that young learners acquire a competitive standard of creativity skills to enhance their careers in a global business environment.

Why? As an Ofsted inspector and an Education Consultant since 2011, I observed over a thousand business studies lessons and noticed the lack of development of creativity skills. When I analysed over a hundred Ofsted inspection reports, I found that development of creativity skills was hardly ever mentioned in the reports for the business curriculum. This absence of comments about creativity made me wonder why.

How: Case study with a systems thinking conceptual framework and a systems thinking perspective of creativity based on the work of Csikszentmihalyi (1999) using both quantitative (qualification grades, teachers observation grades, Ofsted grades) and qualitative data (lesson observations, interviews, questionnaires, focus groups) 

Publications and conference presentations

European Association Horse Assisted Education conference, California, USA (2016)

3MT summary 2016 'Creativity Outside the Tick Box'

Being Creative (speech for the Professional Speakers Association April 2016)

European Association Horse Assisted Education conference, Germany (2015)

Cambridge University Education conference presentation (2015)

Worcester University Education conference (2015)

University of Birmingham Education conference (2015)

University of Birmingham Three Minute Thesis Final (2014) 

University of Birmingham Education conference presentation (2014)

Research Interests

  • Creativity
  • Systems thinking
  • Public engagement
  • The power of diversity in stimulating creativity
  • Entrepreneurship 

Research Supervisors

Dr Graeme Martin and Professor Gary Thomas



Membership of research and professional organisations

Fellow of Society of Education and Training

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